Attorney Kerri Quintal


With over 15 years of experience in family law and negotiations, Attorney Kerri Quintal understands the need for sensitivity to a client’s particular requirements –zealous and aggressive adversarial representation, or the gentler alternative – mediation. With a long history of helping families through transition, she has developed an understanding of the key areas of the mediation process and provides step-by-step guidance to help parties reach their own equitable settlement. Kerri is trained as well, in the practice of co-mediation, conciliation, and collaboration.

For over a decade, Attorney Kerri Quintal has been an active supporter of the New Center for Legal Advocacy and the South Coastal Legal Services. Kerri has facilitated self help programs designed to educate clients with questions about family law. Kerri is recognized for her work with both agencies.

Attorney Kerri Quintal is affiliated with a network of social and mental health professionals, rights groups, and legal organizations. She works closely with clients in navigating through this emotional and difficult transition period, and helps them reach lasting results for themselves and their families.

Admitted to Practice Law

  • United States Supreme Court
  • Supreme Judicial Court of MA
  • United States District of MA
  • United States Court of Appeals of MA
  • Legal Member / Local Membership
  • Southern New England Law School (now UMass) Graduate June, 1996

Why I Become an Attorney

Ever since Junior High School I’ve known that I wanted to be an attorney protecting the underdog. Today, more than 2 Million people are in jail in the U.S.– more than any country in the world other than China. My job, the way I see it, is to keep people who deserve not to go to jail…. out of jail!

It’s both an intellectual challenge from the legal side, drawing on everything I know, and a personal challenge.

College Faculty Member

Former Adjunct faculty of Fisher and Dean College (regarding training of law/paralegals)
A former member of the adjunct faculty at Fisher College in North Attleboro, Ma. and Dean College in Franklin, Ma., Kerri Quintal is qualified to teach law, government, criminal justice, computers and social services department. Quintal also previously wrote a law column for The Sun Chronicle, tackling issues that are relevant to local residents.


  • Who’s Who Honors – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – National Association of Professional and Executive Women, Suffolk University Graduate, 1993
  • Recognized by the State Senate – – – – – – – for promoting and supporting local businesses in North Attleboro and Plainville
  • Named Ambassador of the Year – – – – – – – by North Attleboro and Plainville Chamber of Commerce in January, 2002

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