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Are You Considering Divorce?

The concept of Divorce can seem overwhelming. But for those who obtain proper counsel and guidance, it doesn’t have to be. You may have questions about how best to start the process or what options are available.

I work to educate my clients to know what I know about the law (statue, case law and guides) so they can make better decisions. In addition, I offer a special “Packet for Divorce”, which includes a Comprehensive Confidential Questionnaire, Probate/Family Court financial statement, Department of Revenue Application, and Standing Order of Parent Education Program.

Issues Should You Be Considering?

The following are just a few of the important questions that you want to think about if you are considering divorce or in the process of a divorce.

    • What assets will you end up with?
    • Who will get the house?
    • How much child support will you have to pay or will you receive?
    • How much alimony can you expect to get or pay?
    • Who will get the kids?
    • What days will we be sharing the kids?
    • What kind of relationship do you want with your ex-spouse?
    • What should you tell the children?

    Services We Offer

    In Massachusetts there is what is known as Irretrievable Breakdown as well as Fault Ground. Two parties can separate and there are a number of factors that go into a divorce, namely 17 factors that go into a divorce as well as a balancing approach in which a judge must undergo in order to make a fair and equitable division of all marital assets and liabilities.

    Attorney Kerri Quintal can help you to negotiate or go to the Attleboro and Bristol county courts to receive a fair and equitable resolution of your divorce, develop a child custody and visitation plan, reach agreement on alimony payments, or get a divorce modification to provide for your children’s future.

    Child Support is done by a calculation called the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines. The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines have been redone from 2006 to more recently revised in 2009 and are currently under review for changes again in the upcoming future.

    The right child support plan is crucial to the success of your divorce. Attorney Kerri Quintal will help to develop a plan that will both provide for your children and also protect your financial future.

    Child Custody-there are two types of custody, namely physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is where a child primarily resides. Legal custody often times results in any major decision-making of the children involving academics, medical, or any major life changes such as religion and things of that nature.

    You want what’s best for your children and Attorney Kerri Quintal can negotiate a child custody and visitation plan that is fair to both parties or fight zealously for your custody rights Attleboro and Bristol county courts.

    Spousal Support-know as alimony. There is a new Alimony Reform Act that was passed and does make specific changes that now have certain years where there are landmark cornerstones with respect to calculation as alimony. They are broken up as follows, which are generally in five-year increments. There are a number of different types of alimony, namely General Alimony, Rehabilitative Alimony, Reimbursement Alimony, Transitional Alimony, and there are a number of factors that affect alimony and how long it will go and who needs alimony.

    What spousal support or alimony plan is right and fair? Attorney Kerri Quintal will draw upon her 20 years of experience and make sure that your best interests are served.

    Modifications- are a change to any court order where there is a material change of circumstances that would warrant a change in a court order. Generally, parties need to present the former court order and also present a proposal to the court as to how that change should be done, whether that modification is done via child support, visitation, or any other child-related matters are often common in modifications.

    Attorney Kerri Quintal will work with you to negotiate or go to the Attleboro and Bristol county courts to receive appropriate and fair modifications.

    There needs to be a value associated with the assets and liabilities. The court often looks to determine whether there is a fair and equitable division of the property. In Massachusetts, the division of property is governed by Chapter 208 Section 34.

    Attorney Kerri Quintal will make sure your rights are protected and that you will receive the maximize share of the division of assets as prescribed by law.

    Attorney Kerri Quintal Can Help

    Attorney Kerri Quintal provides guidance through every stage of the divorce process and can help you reach an equitable settlement. After working 15 years to help families to transition through divorce, she has developed a sensitivity and an understanding of many key areas that can help her male and female clients through the divorce process.

    Kerri is affiliated with a network of social and mental health professionals, rights groups and legal organizations. She also works with the following to ensure the rights and safety of both men and women are protected.

    • Works closely with New Hope – Domestic Abuse – to ensure the safety of women in domestic abuse and violence during marriage and after divorce
    • Active participant in Father’s Rights, to assure that men get the custodial visitation rights they deserve of their children
    • Experienced in Custody, Divorce Modifications, Division of Assets, Parenting Plans, and Visitation

    Check out our Co-Mediation Team.

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