Resources on Criminal Justice for Juveniles in the Bay State

If you are a parent with a juvenile who may be in trouble with the law or facing a legal proceeding, here are a few useful resources.


  • The Juvenile Justice System
  • Juvenile Crimes

The Juvenile Justice Process

  • Juvenile Court Department
  • Overview of juvenile proceedings

Punishment for Juveniles

  • Juvenile Court Sentencing Options.
  • The state system for handling juvenile offenders
  • Juvenile sentencing issues

Juvenile Court Records

  • Expunging or Sealing a Juvenile Court Record
  • Expunging or Sealing a Juvenile Court Record in Massachusetts

Getting Expert Help

  • Finding a Private Criminal Defense Attorney

Bullying Awareness Guidebook

  • Bullying Guidebook

Stop. Think. Connect.

  • Are you safe online? 
    • Resource Guide provides all of the tools to host a classroom discussion or community meeting on online safety.
    • An easy-to-follow presentation with supporting PowerPoint slides and draft script.
    • Handouts, activities, discussion questions, and more.
    • Links to supplementary information and materials to help tailor your meeting to the group you are hosting.