Conditions, Diseases, and Disabilities


“I’m better at my job because I’ve seen so many health related issues.”

Kerri Quintal, Attorney

I’m an Attorney and  a Former Certified Nursing Assistant with a Vantage Point

I’m a criminal, family, and juvenile law attorney with over 15 years experience representing children, teenagers, and adults with conditions, diseases, and disabilities such as Autism, Lyme disease, and Arthritis.

As a former certified nursing assistant who has performed respite care in both a medical setting and home environment, I possess a different vantage point than other attorneys without this training or experience. I’m familiar with the emotional stress and financial burden that certain diseases and disabilities can exert on individuals, families, and divorced or divorcing parents. I also understand how it may effect their ability to run a household with children, hold down a full time job, or pay alimony or child support.

How Disabilities May Affect Your Life and Those of Your Loved Ones

As a former certified nursing assistant, I have some understanding about how certain conditions, diseases, and disabilities may progress.

For example, Lyme disease (more common than many people believe) may not just make you very sick and feel exhausted for a few weeks, but may develop into a condition that can last for years and potentially reek havoc on your ability to maintain employment, care for you children, or pay alimony or child support.

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Representing Your Best Financial and Legal Interests 

As a criminal, family, and juvenile law attorney, I can help you and your loved ones prepare for the future.

I represent the emotional, legal, and financial interests of my clients — children, teenagers, and men and women with disabilities and advanced diseases. I will help you to access your needs today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road.

Many people who suffer from a serious disease or disability are too proud to accept help or face up to the fact that they may be or become partially or fully disabled. They’re hoping that they recover or trusting that their condition won’t get worse. They may even tell themselves that they are “okay” for now. While they should be commended for their strong stance, their attitude may be counter productive to their best interest. “I will persevere no matter what” it’s just not realistic when viewed from the perspective of how their condition may impact their lives and those of their loved ones. Being strong also requires being honest with yourself about your condition.

Working With You to Prep Your Legal Case

As your lawyer and your advocate, I will properly prepare your case to present to the court.

I will take a very pragmatic view of your condition. I’ll ask you tough questions about how your condition, disease, or disability currently impacts your life and those around you. And, I will ask you to explore the long term issues.

Here’s a sample of questions I will ask:

  • You may feel okay today, but how long do you believe you will you feel well enough to take care of your children?
  • If you are sick today, when will you be able to get back to the workforce and work a full time job?
  • Will you be able to work a 40 hour a week 2 to 5 years down the road?

Getting the Most Most Favorable Judgement from the Court 

After exploring a number of issues with you, I may suggest you visit a doctor or specialist.

After meeting with you, I may suggest that you follow up by making  an appointment with a doctor or specialist to get more information about your condition. If your doctor determines that your disease or condition will progress to the point of a disability, I will, as your attorney (and sworn officer of the court), report that medical prognosis to the court. With that information, the court can make a better and more informed decision about your divorce, alimony, or child support.

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Note: judge’s have wide discretion in probate and family law cases in analyzing medical conditions and their effect upon the marriage.