Criminal Law Services

Attorney Kerri Quintal has 15 years of experience working in the criminal justice system in Bristol County and surrounding counties. With a deep understanding of how the court system works in the real world, she is an zealous advocate for juveniles and adults who have been charged with either felonies and misdemeanors in the state of Massachusetts.

By combining diverse areas of criminal, juvenile, and divorce legal experience, she offers clients a uniquely knowledgeable attorney. Therefore,  clients are not dealing with multiple attorneys for the criminal and civil areas they may face. That can result in not only a cost-savings, but a better end result.

Because of Attorney Quintal’s background in criminal, divorce, and juvenile law, she  is able to provide a more complete picture to the court when handling multiple matters. With knowledge in hand, Kerri is cautious that a step taken by a client does not potentially violate more criminal laws or subject them to bail forfeiture.

“I ensure that when we arrive at court, we are well prepared. Several meetings are performed prior to a court appearance to ensure that we get an entire factual background, case information, and other specifics. We consider a wide range of factors when looking at a case, including the newest information regarding case law.”

Attorney Kerri Quintal

 Services We Offer

Attorney Kerri Quintal is experienced with an extensive range of criminal charges, including assault to DUI, drug distribution to firearms charges, and property crimes and retail fraud. Here are some (but not all) of the services we offer our clientele.

Assault and battery often times involves domestic issues in the home. It may be an escalated argument. Assault and battery cases may also be the result of arguments at school or issues that involve an unlawful touching of another person, however slight that may be. An assault and battery is often extended past the person and may include items that are attached to a person, like a cane or a car, for example.
Domestic violence can be a very emotional experience. Often times people do not know where to turn for help. Domestic violence comes in many forms, physical, emotional, and wears many masks. Law enforcement in the  state of Massachusetts takes these cases very seriously. You need to as well.
 Drug offenses have many lasting consequences in the future. Many drug offenses include loss of license, may have lengthy probation sentences, potential jail sentences, and also a person may be evaluated for drug or alcohol abuse and may be subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Many drug offenses carry mandatory jail sentences. Kerri Quintal has significant experience protecting  your rights in cases ranging from the possession of marijuana to the trafficking in cocaine or heroin.
With the passage of Melanie’s Law, drunk driving has become a very complex area of the law. There is no longer a look-back period of a ten year window, but now there is a lifetime look-back period for any offense involving alcohol and a motor vehicle. In addition, there are enhanced penalties for subsequent offenses or offenses involving children or offenses that involve an increased breath reading or junior operators. A DUI charge is a very serious crime and it can happen to anyone, not just a drunk.  A DUI conviction can result  in a loss of your driver’s license, significant fines, and an increase in your insurance rates. It can even result in 5 years of jail time. Don’t let a mistake ruin your life – seek experienced representation
Probation is an area that requires constant monitoring of an individual. It may limit a person’s ability to travel to different states. It also may limit a person’s ability to work because they have to check in with probation on a regular basis. There are numerous fines, fees, and statutory fees that are associated with probation. In addition, if there are any problems while an individual is on probation, for example, a person is just charged with a crime (not convicted), there is the potential of a Probation Revocation with potential incarceration.

In the criminal justice system, “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard. However the standard for Probation is very different, allowing for evidence such as hearsay to be considered. The tide is turned from the court having to prove that you are guilty, to the individual on Probation having to prove that they are innocent (similar to English law). As such, a Probation surrender hearings are a very difficult hurdle to tackle.

Property crimes may be related to motor vehicles, such as leaving the scene of an accident. Others include malicious destruction of property, arson, and larceny. Property crimes that involve dishonesty, such as credit card fraud, could result in the deportation of Immigrants, denial of naturalization or exclusion from the United States.

Property crimes usually involve Restitution Hearings, where a party may be responsible for the full value of any property that is damaged, sometimes up to and including three times the value of that property.

If all of the conditions of probation are not followed exactly, a Probation Officer may look to surrender a person in a Probation Surrender Hearing. If that happens, it is then up to a judge to decide what an appropriate sentence may be. An appropriate sentence may include, but not be limited to, revoking a person’s probation early and/or a jail or incarceration sentence.

Kerri Quintal Provides defense against revocation of probation by:

  • A direct call to your probation officer
  • Presenting Mitigation circumstances
  • By terminating probation early
Violations of probation can (and often do) result in a jail sentence and physical incarceration. The standard of proof of a violation is significantly lower than a criminal prosecution.  Kerri Quintal works aggressively to defend her clients rights and keep the probationer out of prison.

Reckless driving, also known as Driving to Endanger, may have significant lasting impacts regarding the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Reckless driving, however slight, may involve taking one’s eyes off the road, may involve distractions on the road, or other distractions to the driver. There are lasting consequences to reckless driving, including loss of license and may significantly impact one’s ability for employment and/or school.
More and more retailers are installing security devices and actively prosecuting shoplifters. Often times in a disposition, there may be a Stay Away Order from a particular store as well as restitution that may be found. Depending on the value of the property, retail fraud may be a very serious offense, especially if coupled with other offenses.
Theft or larceny of a motor vehicle involves an unlawful taking of a motor vehicle and is often accompanied with other charges such as possession of burglarist tools, speeding, and other driving-related offenses.
The determination to go to trial, whether by a Bench Trial which is a judge alone, or by a Jury which is 6 people made up from the community, is entirely up to the client. In order to make that the decision, the client needs to know the strengths and weaknesses of their case, the possible range of sentences, their charges, and what the Commonwealth would need to prove in order to find them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Trials require a thorough examination of the evidence, consulting with experts, sometimes private investigators, piece mealing the theory of your case, research and writing, analysis, story tellings, preparation of a trial notebook, trying to anticipate problems or concerns, being able to think on your feet

Guns- gun related charges carry with it a very particular uniqueness given the added attention by the media. Gun related offenses, especially in school-zone areas are prosecuted very vigorously and may result in felony convictions with DNA testing and incarceration. Gun related offenses are growing in numbers and may impact a person’s future for the rest of their lives.