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Preparing for Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

You have made the difficult decision –- or it has been made for you –- that the marriage is over. It’s time to find a divorce attorney and start proceedings.

There are three reasons to meet […]

5 Ways to Help Your Teenager Deal With Your Divorce

A divorce can be a painful experience for both spouses, and may be particularly destabilizing for children and teenagers. It can result in anger and anxiety as young ones attempt to struggle to understand something […]

Finding Support After Your Divorce

Your marriage has crumbled. The person you intended to spend the rest of your life with is no longer your friend; your “in sickness and in health” partner is gone. It’s a horrible and lonely […]

Fentanyl is More Powerful than Heroin and Far Deadlier

Today, in some areas of New England, Fentanyl is killing  more people than heroin. It’s a powerful synthetic painkiller that, in the past, was laced into heroin and is now increasingly being sold on its […]

Gray Divorces Are on the Rise

Last year a television sitcom featured an older divorced couple. The mother moved in with the bachelor son and the father moved in with the daughter and her family. The high jinx the parents had […]

Help – I Need More Child Support! Help – I Can’t Afford the Child Support I’m Paying!

Paying child support for underage children isn’t always easy for the non-custodial parent. Of course, Dad or Mom may have the best intentions to “take care of the kids” after a divorce, but life happens. […]

Solitary Confinement of Prison Inmates

During the past year, there appears to be a national movement against solitary confinement for prisoners. In one such case in Rhode Island, lawmakers have proposed limiting the isolation of inmates to no more than […]

Name the Two Places On Planet Earth Where You Can’t Get a Divorce

Can you name the two countries on planet earth where you can’t get a divorce? The first one you might know, but the second may be a surprise.
Country with no divorce — #1
Here’s a hint. It’s […]

Men: Avoid Getting a Bum Rap Divorce

A bum rap is defined as “unfair punishment and a scolding.” Not terms generally applied in a divorce suit, but ask the majority of divorced males and they might well feel that they received unfair punishment — […]

Rebuilding a Marriage After Infidelity

 An affair or infidelity — perhaps more than money worries, health issues, and arguments — can devastate a marriage and cause intense heartache and emotional pain. It undermines the foundation of marriage itself. But an […]

Domestic Abuse Against Men

Incredulity or disbelief is generally the first reaction people have upon hearing about domestic abuse of men by wives, girlfriends, or gay lovers. Battered men have been the subject of jokes for decades, with almost […]

Divorce and False Allegations of Abuse

The ability to quickly obtain an Order of Protection (an allegation of abuse) has created, what many believe, a system ripe for abuse. While it’s meant to act as a safety mechanism in cases where domestic […]

7 Holiday Tips for Divorced Families

While your kids are wishing for that special present for Christmas or Hanukkah, many divorced moms and dads are dreaming about spending time with the kids. If you are a divorced parent and part of […]

Coping with the Holidays After a Divorce

The holiday season can be especially challenging for a divorced couple or one in the process of a divorce. Everyone else on the planet appears to be having a grand time, while a divorced couple […]

Seeking a Second Opinion on Your Divorce Case

If a physician told you that you needed major surgery, you would probably have no qualms about seeking a second opinion. Clients often ask me if asking for a second opinion from another attorney is a […]

Freezing a Defendant’s Assets Prior to Trial

Should the government have the right to freeze a defendant’s legitimately obtained assets prior to a trial? And what if those assets were to be used by the accused for the purposes of hiring a lawyer?

The […]