Our Process

Step #1: The Initial Consultation

At an initial consultation I do an intake of the following:

  • The facts surrounding your history
  • A broad overview of the case to determine the charges
  • The potential penalties
  • The potential strategies and/or defenses

I also try to set realistic expectations for clients as far as how long your case will take, how much money a criminal case will cost, and the factors that will influence how a case may be viewed by not only a judge but also by the District Attorney’s Office.

I also try to take into account the victim in the matter to determine whether the victim is interested in actively pursing the case against a person.

Step #2: If You Retain Me as Your Attorney

I will work closely with you to ensure that you understand the past ramifications, the current situation, and future ramifications of your case.

  • I make sure that I am accessible to you
  • Will answer any and all questions no matter how complex
  • Offer a realistic expectations of what to expect
  • Present what role you will play in the case
  • Present what role the judge and other parties will play
  • Try to anticipate what the opposing side may try to present
  • Keep you actively informed at all stages of the proceedings

Additionally, I will teach you areas of the law as we proceed through your case. I do this in an effort to empower you to effectively advocate and make your own decisions regarding legal consequences.

Our Goal: Effective Legal Service

Usually, several meetings are held prior to a court appearance. During these meetings, I will try to gather an entire factual background, case information, and any relevant specifics prior to ever walking into a courtroom. Thereafter, I will ensure that not only I will arrive at court well prepared, but you will be well prepared as well.

Quintal Law offers a wide range of services, including: Litigation, Collaborative Law Services, Conciliation, and Consulting.

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