Quintal Law: How We Work with You

We offer you the opportunity to choose how to proceed with your case and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. After  a full consultation we investigate all relevant facts and laws before we proceed with the legal process. We will not rush you! Here are some highlights from our process:

  • Arrange for prompt and timely consultation with you in person.
  • Assist you with your representation and we explain charges, procedures, and possible outcomes.
  • Interview you to fully understand your case so that we can fully represent you.
  • Offer you ample opportunity and time to explain to us your evidence, defenses, or positions (plaintiff, defendant or a party of a case).
  • Explain the decisions we’ll make as counsel and the decision you make as the client
  • Guide you in forming trial strategies.

Our Guidelines

  • Adhere to ethical opinions and comply with rules of the Court.
  • Treat all of our clients in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Cooperate with monitoring, evaluating, and investigating all of your complaints.
  • Honor the attorney/client privilege even in difficult situations
  • Respect our clients at all times while keeping them informed of the progress of their cases.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our firm constantly participates in skills training and education programs, including the latest changes and developments in the law. Where appropriate, we may consult with other counsel to acquire knowledge and familiarity with complex issues. Our firm uses all our resources, knowledge and experience to zealously represent the needs of our clients.

  • Maintain and provide the best zealous advocacy in the courtroom by always being organized and prepared.
  • Strive to formulate new ideas and solutions to your legal needs.
  • Use the latest technology to make our practice more efficient and accessible for our clients.
  • Offer you the highest level of legal service.

We have extensive involvement with the community through our legal affiliations and volunteer and educational opportunities. Look for our legal columns that are featured every other month in the Sun Chronicle “Living Well” section.