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Been charged with a crime?

With over 15 years of experience, Quintal Law zealously defends the rights of people charged with an array of crimes ranging from assault to DUI, drug distribution to firearms charges and property crimes and retail fraud. We fight for our clients and provide answers and guidance to questions like these:

  • Should I talk to the police?
  • What about my Miranda rights?
  • Do I get to tell my side of the story?
  • The charges are false. Can I prove it?
  • What are my specific alternatives?
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Are You Considering Divorce?

Attorney Kerri Quintal guides divorcing clients to make better decisions that can affect their lives far into the future. She has both the experience and sensitivity to help clients achieve resolution and develop equitable and beneficial plans for your finances, property and children.

  • Effective negotiation
  • Zealous representation
  • Educates and guides clients
  • Leverages statute and case law
  • Quick resolution
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Has your teenager been arrested?

Representing juvenile clients requires an attorney with patience, sensitivity and understanding of the unique challenges that young people face. These can include social, medical and mental health issue which can have bearing on a cases outcome. Quintal Law seeks justice for young people by:

  • Listening to the whole story
  • Explaining in clear language
  • Working with other professionals
  • Making sure the record stays clean
  • Fighting for kids futures!
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Kerri A. Quintal, Attorney at Law

Legal Representation That Makes a Difference

With over 15 years of experience, Attorney Kerri Quintal understands the need for zealous and aggressive representation. She knows how to fight on your behalf and how the legal system operates in the real world. Kerri can provide you with guidance that is both responsive to all the facts of your case and how judges and other lawyers may view them.

Kerri Quintal can guide you through the Attleboro, Bristol, and Norfolk county court legal system and provide you with the facts that you need to make an informed decision.

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Employee Assistance Program

Attorney Kerri Quintal: External Provider to Employee Assistance Programs

Attorney Kerri Quintal maintains a private law practice, but also consults with individuals from local schools,  towns and cities, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Employee Assistance Program counseling services are designed to address significant life problems and everyday issues — including legal issues — involved in work and family life.

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Kids Summer Cafe 

Hungry children in the Attleboro, Ma. area will receive nutritious meals this summer, thanks to the Kids Summer Cafe. The program, run through the Attleboro Area Council of Churches, provides free and healthy lunches to those in need during the summer months.

Read the full article in The Sun Chronicle.

Watch a Video Interview with Kerri Quintal and Kat Wright, the executive director of the Attelboro Area Council of Churches.
Attorney Kerri Quintal with at the Attleboro Area Council of Churches Kids Cafe.

Attorney Kerri Quintal at the Attleboro Area Council of Churches Kids Cafe.

Attorney Kerri Quintal Speaks About Autism & the Law

Attorney Kerri Quintal recently appeared on the “The Patricia Raskin Show”  (630AM and 99.7FM) . She discussed the legal issues children, teenagers, and adults with Autism may encounter and how she leverages her experience as a former Certified Nursing Assistant to represent these special individuals.

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Listen to audio from the radio show. 

Attorney Kerri Quintal on the Patricia Raskin show

Attorney Kerri Quintal on the Patricia Raskin show

Attorney Kerri Quintal Speaks About Heroin Abuse on “The Q”

Attorney Kerri Quintal will appear on the “The Q” as the host. During the hour program, Kerri will discuss how the heroin epidemic continues to affect families. Her special guest, Elise Elise R. Reynolds of Pawtucket, will share her own compelling story. (A special thank you to our producer Dominic Damiano for this amazing opportunity.) If you want to call in, please call 508-822-1106 as we will be taking your calls live.

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Attorney Kerri Quintal on “The Q” Radio Program.

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Passport To Your Future Career 

Attorney Kerri Quintal recently gave a presentation to students at Norton High School titled “Passport To Your Future Career”. Topics included: The Life of an Attorney,  What it Takes to Become a Lawyer, and An Overview of Daily Responsibilities. Each element was designed help students achieve a better understanding of the legal field. 

Kerri Quintal at Norton High School’s Future Career Day

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